About Sedonaville

Sedonaville Is the home of Spiritually Speaking, a meetup group for those wishing to join other spiritual-but-not-religious evolving souls in stimulating discussion.   The group embraces omni-denominational, omni-modal, and omni-sensual spiritual experiences.  We meet twice a month on the second Friday at 6:30 PM and the fourth Sunday at 4PM.  Join us through “SpirituallySpeaking in Lovettsville” on meetup.com or friend us at “SpirituallySpeakingVA” on Facebook.

Workshops and Open House events are held featuring authors, speakers, and teachers.  Go to our Events page to see upcoming events and to register.

It hosts the “Dying to Live” program for individuals, loved ones, and families dealing with end-of-life issues.   Scientific advancement has allowed for an abundance of cases from which to study what happens when and after we die. From Near Death Experiences (NDEs,) to spirit mediumship, to evidence for reincarnation, to remote viewing, there is a tremendous body of evidence with which to study and understand and prepare for the death process. And why wouldn’t we? After all, the end-of-life process starts as soon as we’re born, and the sooner we learn about it the more fearlessly we can live our lives. We study and prepare for every other major event in our lives, and yet the most important event of our lives – the process of leaving – we go to great lengths to not think or talk about, let alone prepare for. With undeniable consistency, NDE survivors report the same processes and events upon death. Prepared ahead of time with this information, we can do much to make the process joyful instead of fearful, easy instead of difficult, with certainty instead of confused. We can make sure we harvest the most we possibly can from this lifetime, and think ahead about the planning of our next lifetime. Best of all, we can be at peace with our future and the future of our loved ones.

Finally, It offers a sanctuary for memorial services and the return of cremains to the Earth.