AURA workshop with INGRID JOLLY


THE AURA: Our Best Friend / The Etheric Body of  Light 

It is time to meet your magical best friend who is eternally yours and holds a very special treasure for you to find.  Join Ingrid Jolly and experience the reality of your Aura and its Etheric Body of Light. Discover its purpose and how we can create natural protective boundaries and hold our focus while serving “Divine Evolution in a ChaoticWorld.”

Let’s engage into some simple activities to benefit natural self empowerment and carry into this world more of your brilliant light.  It will be a day of Lightbody Enchantment with interaction, handouts, AND – Avillion Aura Imaging Photography (Provides:  PHOTO of HEART CHAKRA VIBRATIONS, CHAKRA REPORT with 2 PRINTED FULL BODY PICTURES, AURA CARE BOOKLET with additional INFORMATION &TECHNIQUES for SELF REALIZATION.)


Your $45 aura photograph, lunch and refreshments, and a day of inspiration,

all tax deductible, for only $85!

Reservation recommended, as space is limited!

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Rev. Ingrid Jolly, DD is an intuitive empathic counselor and has worked with the world of spirit since 1969. She uses Aura Imaging Photography as a realistic starting point to inspire awareness of the world of subtle energy and attain vibrational integrity.  She shares Cosmic Teachings from the Celestial Solar Planes of Divine Living Light and its Lifestream Alignment which is an expanded version of the original Solar Teachings of the Lodge of the Silver Leaf, Glastonbury, UK.  Ingrid is a certified Agent of Conscious Evolution Training and in providing a variety of Spiritual Healing services. She holds classes & workshops at home base (Avalonia Peace Sanctuary) and at many Expos and Holistic events.  For further information contact: Rev. Ingrid Jolly, DD at Avillion, P.O. Box 517, Linden, VA 22642  Tel.: 540-636-7798 – Email: – website:  The Aura Imaging Photography is a fund raiser for Avillion of Universal Insight, a Non Profit 501 (c ) (3) Educational Organization serving Nature, Humanity & Spirituality. Donations are tax deductible.